Targeted Solutions

Appsmob Network generates Premium Traffic inventory on very specific Audiences
(ie: hundreds of thousand of Daily Users heavily attracted by Betting and Music).
With millions of premium impressions generated, we deliver deep engagement through innovative and targeted solutions that drive Results. We can offer both
Brand Integrations and Media opportunities that are designed in a way that feels
like part of the App and less like an advertising promotion.

Strong Distribution

  • More than 2,5M Downloads
  • Over 500.000 Monthly Active Users
  • Over 3M Hours Played every month
  • Card Games leadership in Europe
  • Always ranked #1 on the App Store

Why Advertise with Appsmob

  • We deliver adv to an Audience: no generic placement
  • Only Premium Inventory
  • No blind network: total transparency on ads placement
  • Extreme flexibility in ad sizes, formats and campaigns
  • Many important Advertisers have already chosen our placements
  • Tracking and Analytics solutions

Adv Opportunities

Network Takeover

Advertisers can run exclusive campaigns on entire Category Network (is: Card Network). Appsmob premium traffic allows rotation of different creatives, custumized formats and special projects.

Reservation Based

Advertisers can book part of our premium traffic inventory on a CPM / CPC bases. Placement targeting with all creatives available.

Ad Formats that deliver

  • Interstitials / Full Screen Ads
  • HTML5 banners
  • In-Context Rich Media
  • Branded Virtual Items
  • Interactive Video Ads

To learn more about Appsmob's Mobile Advertising Solutions contact: